CrowPi2 FAQ

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Hardware problem:

On-board Module Problem:

  1. How can I know all the information of CrowPi2 on-board modules?
  2. What to do if the fan makes noise?

Button & Keyboard & Mouse Problem:

  1. How to toggle the trackpad on/off.
  2. Why do the (+) and (-) keys only work with screen brightness?
  3. The Keyboard and/or Mouse does not work.
  4. How to pair when the keyboard and mouse do not match?

Power Problem:

  1. Is there an user guide available for the Power Bank that came with the Advanced and Deluxe Kit?
  2. What are the specifications of the Power Bank that came with the Advanced and Deluxe Kit?
  3. What are the internal dimensions of the storage tray for Power Bank?
  4. Power shuts off automatically after about 30 seconds during boot up.

Warning Problem:

  1. A "Low Voltage Warning" indication when powering through the microUSB Power Port.
  2. Pop-up warning, "The software needs to run on CrowPi2, and turn the toggle switch to the A-side!"

Monitor Problem:

  1. How to enable Pixel Doubling for a high resolution monitor?
  2. LCD doesn’t work after updating(using command “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” or "sudo rpi-update").

Accessories Problem:

  1. Why can't the SDA0 (BCM_GPIO-0) pin be used?
  2. Which Raspberry Pi model(s) are recommended for running the Crowpi2 software?
  3. How to solve the problem of fan noise?

Raspberry Pi Version Problem:

  1. Which Raspberry Pi version is recommended by CrowPi2 software?

Software problem:

Image Problem:

  1. Where can I download the CrowPi2 latest image?
  2. How to update the Crowpi2 OS image?

System Problem:

  1. No audio sound after a system upgrade (sudo apt full-upgrade).
  2. Can I run different OS on CrowPi2 (ex. Raspberry Pi OS, RetroPie, LibreELEC, Ubuntu, etc.)?
  3. How to expand the Raspberry Pi filesystem?
  4. How to backup the system SD card?
  5. To install the new Raspbain system, what configurations should be done?

Crowpi2 Software Problem:

  1. How to disable the Crowpi2 software from autostart at bootup?
  2. How to quit the Crowpi2 software?

Scratch Problem:

  1. How to adjust the font size of the Scratch Desktop interface?
  2. Picture 11-24 is missed on the last page(98) of Scratch book.

Learning Course Problem:

  1. Where can I find the source code of all the learning lessons?
  2. Error of Python lesson “using the DHT11 sensor”.
  3. Error of Python lesson “making circuit using the bread board”.

Project Menu Problem:

  1. Where can I get the code of Project menu?


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