How to adjust the font size of the Scratch Desktop interface?

There are 3 major versions of the Scratch app, each uses a different method to adjust the font size as listed below:

Scratch 1.4

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+T, a new Terminal window appears.
  2. At the command prompt, type nano ~/.scratch.ini and press Enter.
  3. Add the line, fontscale=1.3 (Try experiment with different values as desired).
  4. Press Ctrl+X, Y to save the changes and exit the nano text editor.

Scratch 2.0

  1. In the Scratch Desktop, hold-down Shift and click on the Globe icon.
  2. Click on set font size and choose your desired font size (ex. 13). Note: This set the font size of the Block Palette only.

Scratch 3.0

Currently, there is no known method to adjust the font size. But there is a workaround available using Pixel Doubling, see How to enable Pixel Doubling? for details.

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