The Keyboard and/or Mouse does not work.

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Depending on which one is not responding, try re-pair it with the wireless dongle as follow:

Pairing the Keyboard

  1. Unplug the wireless dongle.
  2. Switch off the keyboard and the mouse.
  3. Plug the wireless dongle back into the CrowPi2, switch on the keyboard and you should see the Status light come on. When this happens, immediately press and hold down both the Esc and the Q keys(or ESC and = keys) until the Status light (blue light) starts blinking.
  4. Keep the keyboard close to the wireless dongle.
  5. Once the Status light stops blinking and on, it means you have successfully paired the keyboard.
  6. If the Status light is still blinking, just unplug the wireless dongle and then plug it back into the USB port to see the result of step 5.

Pairing the Mouse

  1. Unplug the wireless dongle.
  2. Switch off the keyboard and the mouse.
  3. Switch on the mouse and quickly plug the wireless dongle back into the CrowPi2.
  4. Move the mouse around on a flat surface until the mouse pointer on the display moves.
  5. When this happens, it means you have succeeded in pairing the mouse.



  • This is great! Totally wish this instruction, with the keyboard commands, was included in the troubleshooting section of the printed manual.

  • Hi, I tried the above with a recently purchased CrowPi2, but the mouse still does not pair. I also tried a different wireless mouse & dongle, but that didn't work either. Does that mean there is a software setup problem?

    Please can someone help?



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