CrowPi L full hardware shutdown 64-bit Pi OS


Its not a major problem, more a technical curiosity.

On Shutdown under the Crowpi modified OS the L shuts down correctly and turns off the power light.

Under Pi OS 64-bit it shuts down, turns the screen off, but the power light and fan do not turn off, even waiting a limit. As expected, the behavior is the same with a 4GB and 8GB Pi.

I2C is turned on as I have the battery icon enabled.

What do I need to add to the shutdown sequence fully turn off the L when running Pi OS (64-bit)?





  • Hello @jollypike ,

    You need to add shutdown script to the Pi OS. Please find the at  /usr/share/laptop/.user in CrowPi L OS.

  • Is there a CrowPi-L sticky note area (besides the FAQ)? This, article, as well as Battery Monitor, GPIO pins in use messages, and such, probably needs to be pinned somewhere obvious. It's truly good info.

  • Well, I'm obviously missing something here. I've used this before, but on my latest build, I get to step four, and get an error message, claiming Unit service not found, or something similar. I ran a systemctl daemon-reload, no help. Fiddled with file locations and file security, no help. Has anybody else run into systemctl ignoring .service files?

  • Before running step 4, please run systemctl daemon-reload to refresh the service file list, otherwise systemctl will not find the newly added rcshutdown.service

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