Schematic Diagrams Missing LCD+TP Annotations

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I'm struggling to get a basic program working using the documentation provided from the 3.5" model in this video , but applying it to a 5.0" model which I have. The reason I chose the 3.5" model is because it seems to be the de facto settings found in the vanilla demo code downloads. Its also the only video I could find that reveals how/what settings are responsible for making things work if using the libraries as downloaded directly.

I believe I've run into various problems to get where I am, but the one I can't find any resolution to is the fact that the schematic diagram for the 5.0" is extremely deficient! The pinout is missing all the necessary definitions for the LCD+TP section! Any of the necessary pins that begin with TFT_ such as TFT_MISO or TFT_MOSI are just not provided. This makes modifying the User_Setup.h of TFT_eSPI with any accuracy impossible!

So, I believe that if the 5.0" model is deficient the proper pinout settings then the rest of the product line except for the 3.5" is likely also deficient.

Lastly, the PDF provided with the 5.0" schematic diagrams is pretty useless. It can be searched for keywords, but there is so much overlap of the wording and pinout data that its impossible to read in some areas.



  • I tried to use the Factory Program in hopes of printing out any global definitions that could be exposed at that level of the program, but they were not available so I wasn't able to extract them. Thus I'm powerless to continue without proper documentation or a listing of all the pinouts needed which I believe are unknown where I have ? listed:

    TFT_MISO: ?
    TFT_MOSI ?
    TFT_SCLK ?
    TFT_CS ?
    TFT_DC ?
    TFT_RST ?
    TFT_BL 2
    TOUCH_CS ?

    I tried digging through the other schematic diagrams for the other boards and found that the following boards are deficient:

    • 4.3"
    • 5"
    • 7"

    However, the other boards less than 4.3" seemed to have the necessary pinouts defined in the schematic. This is extremely important to correct and I wouldn't doubt if many others are falling victim to this issue as well.

  • Just putting closure on this. That comment stating that the pinout is not needed for certain displays would have been useful information straight out of the video instead of stating it was needed. I figured this out about the same time you posted a reply and moved forward with getting a project created.

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