How to upload the ESP32 display factory program by Arduino IDE?

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Step 1 Download the Arduino IDE

Step 2 After downloading the Arduino IDE, click on"File-->Preference", and add the ESP32 S3 URL( to "Board Manager URLs" as follows:

Step 3 Click "Tool-->Board-->Board Manager", and search for "esp32". It is recommended to install version 2.0.3

Step 4 Install the libraries provided by Elecrow

Firstly download the libraries:

ESP Terminal:

ESP32 HMI Display:

Then copy them to the Arduino libraries directory

Here's the method to locate the libraries directory: open Arduino IDE→Click on "File"→Click "Preference"→then you will see “Sketchbook location”

Please note that different sizes of the ESP32 display require different UI libraries, you need to replace the UI files when you using different displays.

And the User_Setup.h also needs to be modified according to their screen driver(except for the 4.3''/5.0''7.0'' HMI display, which do not use TFT_eSPI library)

Step 5 Download and open the factory program.

ESP Terminal RGB:

ESP Terminal SPI:

ESP32 2.4-inch display:

ESP32 2.8-inch display:

ESP32 3.5-inch display:

ESP32 4.3-inch display:

ESP32 5.0-inch display:

ESP32 7.0-inch display:

Step 6 Choose the board and set the parameter on Arduino IDE

Open Arduino IDE→Click "Tool"→then choose the correct board and parameter

ESP Terminal RGB&SPI

✨ESP32 HMI Display 2.4''&2.8''&3.5''

✨ESP32 HMI Display 4.3''

✨ESP32 HMI Display 5.0''&7.0''

Step 7 Choose the correct port number. Open the serial monitor. Press and hold the "BOOT" button and press the "RESET" button, the serial monitor shows "waiting for download".

Step 8 Then click on "Upload" and wait for the compilation and download...

Step 9 When the progress finishes, press the RESET button then the program will run on ESP32 display.

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