ESP Terminal & ESP32 HMI Display FAQs


What is the distinction between ESP Terminal and ESP32 HMI Display?

ESP32 Display Update History

What should I do if the CrowPanel HMI Display I got does not work?


1. What are the drivers of the ESP32 displays?

2. What is the lithium battery interface type and input voltage for ESP32 dispalys?

3. What is the type model of Crowtail interface?

4. What is the pin number of the ESP32 display reserved port?


1. Where can I download the libraries for the ESP32 displays?

2. Why is the ESP32 display compilation/download unsuccessful?

3. Why need putting the ESP32 displays into "upload mode" with the BOOT and RESET button?

4. Nothing is displayed on the ESP32 screens after the sketch is uploaded.

5. How to set the User_Setup.h file in the TFT_eSPI library of 4.3/5/7 inch ESP32 display?

6. How to upload the ESP32 display factory program by Arduino IDE?

7.How to install the factory demo firmware with flash download tool?

8. Design UI with SquareLine Studio for ESP32 HMI Display

9. ESP32 HMI Demo Code Updated - compatible with new version of esp32 package

10. ESP32 HMI Compile error: 'Arduino_ESP32RGBPanel' does not name a type...

11. SquarelineStudio Only Support TFT_eSPI?

12.Compilation error: demos/lv_demos.h: No such file or directory


1. New Tutorial Videos for ESP32 HMI is Updated!!!

ESP Terminal SPI

1. How to remove the camera?


ESP32 7-inch HMI Display

1. Why does the screen flicker when it displays in gray?


1.Elecrow ESP32 Terminal Touch Display Series Project Showcase

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