Why does the screen flicker when it displays in gray?

edited August 2023 in ESP32 & Lora

Because the voltage value of VCOM 3.3V is not enough. Inputting 3.8V to VCOM can solve this flickering problem.

The latest batch of screens has been fixed of this issue, so you can make your purchase with confidence.

Due to the defect of our hardware design, the screen flickering problem is caused, we are sorry for the customers who bought this screen before,

If you need to solve this problem, you can try to remove the R25 resistor and directly connect the 3.8V DC power supply to the one terminal pad shown in the picture.

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  • I just purchased a new 5inch display and it flickers on grey screen. Does this new screen have the mod?


  • I just bought a 7 inch CrowPanel ESP32 HMI Display.
    I followed your tutorials and checked the resistors R25 and R26, they are at 0 but my screen has horizontal flickering. How can I fixed of this issue?

  • Yes, I have horizontal flicker on newest device and with white background. EPS32S3 can't handle that video freq?
    cfg.freq_write = 16000000;

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