How to remove the mainboard of CrowPi L?

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Tools preparation
  • Cross screwdriver
  • T7 Torx screwdriver
Click here to watch the operation video.

Step 1 Remove the Raspberry Pi

Step 2 Use T7 torx screwdriver to move the screws

Step 3 Remove the battery cover and remove the battery. Then use cross screwdriver to remove the screws down below the battery.

Step 4 Remove the cover forcibly, and remove the speaker cables.

Step 5 Use cross screwdriver to remove the screws on the mainboard. And remove the flat cables at J12 and J13.

Step 6 Flip the motherboard and remove the 3 flat cables.

Now the mainboard has been successfully removed!


  • Thanks for this clear instructions.
  • And take care with the various connectors. While changing my motherboard I broke the new one by breaking the flat cable connector to the Raspberry. These connectors are quite fragile and need to be operated quietly with very good lighting. A hard paid lesson learnt two days ago!
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