RC101S 10.1

Hi, I purchased this on September 2022, and it has been working OK. I needed to unplug it and move it, but when plugging back in it is lighting up but not showing the normal boot screen with the elecrow logo - not even the "No Signal" message when nothing is connected.
What can I do to diagnose this issue?


  • @Gary Hi, please test whether the screen can work normally under the original connection and working environment.
  • Hi,
    I did this as I only unplugged it to move it, and then re-connected it (so it was all as before).
    I've also tried a separate power connector (not using the connected RPI4) and it lights up so you can see it has power, however it never gets to the Elecrow logo.
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    @Gary Could you please try to connect it to a laptop/PC as a second screen and see if there will display something? If this will not help, please contact with order@elecrow.com for costumer service.
  • I've connected it as a second display to a windows 10 laptop, and the laptop sees the display (as it will allow me to expand the desktop to it).
    However there is no content being displayed (although the mouse will move across to the RC101S display as though it is on).
    As there is no onscreen display I cannot use the rocker on the RC101S to change the brightness.
    Is this a fault and now needs to be progressed via customer services?
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