CrowPi2 Included Keyboard is Dead

I have a CrowPi2 and haven't had time to use it for a few months. It was left plugged in, so it had a power source, but it was off for all that time. Last night I sat down to work on it and turned it on. The mouse (that was included with it, including the USB dongle) worked fine, but the keyboard would not work at all. No response from the keyboard. This is the keyboard that fits into the case of the CrowPi2 itself. Yes, I did turn on the keyboard switch. Nothing.

I did use it for a short while using another keyboard/mouse pair with a USB dongle. I had hoped that while I was doing that, the included keyboard might be charging up. (I left it in place, in it's spot on the case.)

What can I do to get back the use of this keyboard? Does it need more charging time? I don't see any controls on it other than the one on/off switch.



  • I think your keyboard is probably discharged totally. The keyboard has a built-in battery that can be recharged using a standard microUSB 5V phone charger. Take out the keyboard, and charge it up. There is a microUSB port just below the Keyboard Power Switch on the left side. Plug in your USB charger to recharge the keyboard battery.

    You may need to re-pairing your keyboard to the same USB dongle for the mouse after the keyboard battery is fully charged. If you have questions pairing your keyboard, read the CrowPi2 FAQ post below,

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