Setting up raspberry pi with Elecrow 10.1 Touch screen

Hi, I installed raspbian into raspi 4gb 4b module. and then I connected it into 10.1 touch screen. It splashed for few seconds and it was not detecting the screen. I connected the raspi to 17inch monitor and it was working fine.

I followed the steps mentioned bellow. But it still does not detect the 10.1 touch screen. I tried with several raspberry pis, several micro sd cards and several touch screens of same elecrow 10.1 screens. What am I missing here?

Step 1: Open terminal and Download the driver on RPI 


git clone 

Step 2: Install driver 


CD Elecrow-LCD101 

sudo chmod +x Elecrow-LCD101

sudo ./Elecrow-LCD101



  • Hi, you can troubleshoot in the following ways:

    1. Check in the config file if the resolution matches your screen.

    2. Check if the HDMI cable you are using is damaged.

    3. Connect your 10.1-inch screen to the computer to see if it can display. If it doesn't display when connected to the computer, your screen may be broken.

  • Hi! Please, take a look at my question, it was similar to yours, maybe it will be helpful.

    Also, because Pi4 have not micro USB, you may need to connect it by BOTH USB ports, and micro HDMI, at least, before you install drivers and reboot.

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