Can not use Elecrow-LCD101 touchpad with Raspberry pi4

Hello. Just bought Elecrow-LCD101, and can not use it on RasPI4 (Raspbian64)

I do everything what written at the manual (, but this driver file not executes (sudo  ./Elecrow-LCD101 command not found), and actually, this file seems not like other driver files, even driver files for other Elecrow things. While display connected by bottom USB port (NOT for touchpad) it works, but without touchpad function. If I connect it with USB port marked as "Touchpad" it becomes blue, with "No Signal" text. In the both cases, it also connected to my PI by HDMI cable (with micro HDMI adapter).

I tested it also on few other AARCH64 distros (pop OS, Ubuntu and Manjaro). The result is the same. Seems that file, even marked as executable, not doing anything. I hope someone can help me.


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