New to this, have not gotten Crowpi2 yet but it is coming and was wondering about dual booting.

I got the Crowpi2 for my son, and am starting to research more and plan what he can do and see what it can do. Does anyone know if you can use Berry Boot to do a dual boot of the Crowpi OS and Retro Pi so he will not need to switch out SD Card? Just wondering if it is possible, I read online some where that it is not with the Crowpi but I don't know why you shouldn't be able to.

Thanks for any help.


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    Welcome to the CrowPi2 family !

    Yes, BerryBoot will do the tricks that you are looking for. Also, there are multi-boot alternatives beside using BerryBoot as well. Take a look at the following links


    In addition, if you are just looking to use the Crowpi2 software and play retro games using RetroPie, you can also install RetroPie on top of an existing Raspberry Pi OS (Formerly Raspbian) set up.

    Note: The included CrowPi2 system SD card is built based on the RasPi OS + Crowpi2 software.

    My recommendation is to flash a new system SD card with the latest CrowPi2 image and then install RetroPie on it. That way, you always have your original system SD card as backup.

    1. Get a new microSD card (64GB or larger), with A1 or A2 rating. You can alway clone to a larger card later if you want.
    2. Boot your CrowPi2 with the included CrowPi2 system SD card.
    3. Follow this link to download and flash a new CrowPi2 system SD card.
    4. Shutdown, replace with the newly flashed CrowPi2 system SD card and boot up.
    5. Follow this link to install RetroPie.
  • Thank you, from my research and little knowledge I figured it was possible, but wanted to check. Thanks, I know BerryBoot and installing The Retro pie on top of the OS, I have read about as well. Thank you very much for your time and answering.

  • Has anyone actually gotten dual/multiboot to work on the Crowpi2 system?

    I tried BerryBoot, it gets to the menu then the system just powers down on its own. I put the same SD card into my Pi 4 and it worked mo problems. I will try multiboot and see if that will work.

    I realized the steps above will get Retro Pie with basics emulators installed onto the Crowpi OS, but it it will take a lot more work, because of the steps and then adding the roms..... I will play around and test more, my son still has 2 weeks left of school before I hand it over to him. It has actually been fun playing around with it myself, except for the keyboard I got is warped/bubbled a little so when I type especially with it in the unit it has a lot of give. I might just leave the original OS for my son, because I am now thinking I don't want him to have it to easy to just play games.

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    This is a known symptom when using other custom OS.

    For a detailed explanation, please read this.

    Solution for BerryBoot installation:

    Use a text editor, open the config.txt file under the / (root) directory of the BarryBoot microSD card and add (copy & paste) the following statements to the end of the file and save it.

    # Settings required for CrowPi2

     Note: If you run into any other issues using your CrowPi2, these FAQs may be helpful in the future.

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