Show battery status of CrowPi L in Raspberry Pi OS

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Here's a little app to show the battery status of the CrowPi L in the system tray of the native Raspberry Pi OS:

From a terminal, install python3-pyqt5

sudo apt install python3-pyqt5

 Clone this projet (the first time only), go to its directory, make it executable (the first time only), run it and enjoy!

git clone
cd crowPi-L_BatteryStatus/
chmod +x ./

There're several problems you need to notice when install this APP.

1.'git clone' returns fatal error:

Please change 'git clone' to

git clone

Then the APP will be installed successfully.

2.'./' returns

Please enable I2C interface.

Then the APP will work properly.

Warning: to quit the app properly, you must right click on its icon in the system tray and click the menu "Quit".


  • How to achieve automatically open battery monitor at boot-up?

    Step1: Modify code in

    Comment out the following code by adding #

    QIcon("battery_charging.png"), # 8
    QIcon("battery_alert.png"), # 9
    QIcon("battery_unknown.png"), # 10

    Then add the following code to change the icon image from a relative path to an absolute path: (Notice: Please change 'elecrow' to your user name )

    QIcon("/home/elecrow/crowPi-L_BatteryStatus/battery_charging.png"), # 8
    QIcon("/home/elecrow/crowPi-L_BatteryStatus/battery_alert.png"), # 9
    QIcon("/home/elecrow/crowPi-L_BatteryStatus/battery_unknown.png"), # 10

    Step 2: Create a .desktop file named 'laptop-battery' and put it in the directory "/ home / elecrow /. config / autostart". The contents of the file are:

    Notice: The user name in the path should be changed according to yours

    [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Start battery
    Exec=sudo /home/elecrow/crowPi-L_BatteryStatus/

  • Working great, but I've got a little quirk - the top quarter of the icon is background-clear (taskbar color), while the rest of the icon is background-white. anybody else seeing this, or is it just my install?
    PS - I love this CrowpiL!! it's exactly what I've been looking for for several years, (since Pi2 days)!
  • Never mind, the problem went away. I think it had something to do with right clicking the icon, then NOT quitting, but moving the mouse focus away. I will tinker some more..


  • Well, darn, the problem is back again. I'll see if I can make it show up consistently.
  • uh-oh. Now I'm in trouble...
    I did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade on both my images last night (pi os and whatever you guys are using). Now, I'm getting an IIC error on the battery monitor on both images!
    qt5ct: using qt5ct plugin
    qt5ct: D-Bus system tray: no
    Message: IIC read failed, reread
    I checked, and the i2c is turned on...
    Additionally, Pi-Panel crashes on startup, and says I've got to be on a CrowPi!
    I'm lost here, can anybody help?
  • Okay, now I'm in REAL trouble.
    It appears Elecrow is using i2c to talk to their hardware, and now their hardware isn't answering.
    Process so far:
    1. burn new image of elecrow version of Linux, and install. - no change
    2. install alternate pi4. - no change
    How do I get warranty service on this unit?
  • Yay! Fixed it. This probably needs to be a sticky somewhere...
    If the CrowPi-L stops talking to the battery-monitor/Pi-Panel, try unplugging the battery for a minute. That unstuck something in mine!

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