HDMI options for tight spaces

I recently purchased this one: https://www.elecrow.com/wiki/hdmi-interface-5-inch-800x480-tft-display.html mostly because the HDMI access is on the top - and the project I was working on affords more flebility, vertically. I used the supplied "U" adapter, and this worked ok, albeit with some modifications to the models as it still sticks out beyond the PCB a bit.

I'm actually looking at getting another 5 or maybe 7 inch, however the ones I can find on Amazon.co.uk all appear to have side-mounted connectors (other than a 10 inch one of yours I have too, which is awesome as it's actually mounted in a cutaway in the middle of the rear) so would still need to have about 10mm -> 50mm of clearance to handle the overhang of cables/connectors. Ideally, for any option (top/side, etc) I'd like it if the PCB (when all cables are attached) had the biggest profile - so I can create a mount that this can just slide into without worrying about cables or adapters, all of which are kept internally within an enclosure.

For the side-mounted ones, other than removing the HDMI port and soldering, is there any other connection options or modifications that can be made? Can any of them be driven via the GPIO socket?


  • Just to add a point of why (generally speaking) side-mounting HDMI or any other connections is a bad idea: When you mount screens, you generally want them centred horizontally in their mount. If the HDMI cable (even when you bend the cable a fair bit) pokes out maybe 1 to 1.5 inches, you need to do the same the other side. So all-in-all, you're looking at maybe 2-3 inches of extra width for nothing. Which is why, I guess, most devices have their branding, controls, etc on the bottom of the widest edge.

    Top-mounting is also not ideal, but you can at least set up a RPi to rotate the screen 180 and put the screen in upside-down.

    If these things come in cases, you could understand - the intent then is for external HDMI connections. But for internal connections, you want as little added to the profile as possible.

    Anyway - any suggestions would be great :)

  • We're sorry the HDMI cannot be driven via GPIO. Currently, the only 10.1-inch screen we sell can meet your needs.

  • @Elecrow said:
    We're sorry the HDMI cannot be driven via GPIO. Currently, the only 10.1-inch screen we sell can meet your needs.

    The 10.1in screen doesn't - it's way too big. 5 & 7 inch are the options. It's just a shame that screens designed for internal purposes/mounting into custom items has such a big profile beyond the given dimensions. Seems like a bit of an oversight, and there wouldn't be any negatives to having them more central so that the cables tuck away, or at least another option accessible on the board.

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