CrowPi lessons code don't work with RPI5?

Please check whether the GPIO library imported is RPi.GPIO or gpiozero.
* RPI.GPIO is applicable to Raspberry Pi 4, and because the GPIO of Raspberry Pi 5 is not directly controlled by the BCM2712 chip, the RPI.GPIO library is not suitable for Raspberry Pi 5 for the time being. We are currently using the gpiozero library.

If the course code on your CrowPi desktop uses RPI.GPIO library, but you are using a Raspberry Pi 5, you can install the course for Raspberry Pi 5 in the following steps.
1.Open the terminal, and go to a directory where you will place the course. I will place the course on the desktop, so I type cd Desktop and press "Enter" to run this command.

2.Then run the following command to clone the lessons code to CrowPi desktop.
git clone

3.After the lessons code is downloaded, you can enter the course code directory through cd Desktop/CrowPi_RPI5/Examples, and then run the corresponding course program in this directory.
For example, when I need to run the buzzer program, I will run
cd Desktop/CrowPi_RPI5/Examples
then run
sudo python

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