Where I can download the CrowPi image compatible with Raspberry Pi5?

2024-5-9 Updated download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1omz8i4UVU-chItRekNViZEYqbhsLtCnn

How to flash the image to the SD card?

Step1: Insert the SD card into your computer. Use sd formatter to format your SD card.

Step2: Use the image burning tool to burn the image file to your SD card.

For the image burning tool, you can choose balenaEtcher, Win32DiskImager or Raspberry Pi Imager.
Take Raspberry Pi Imager as an example, select use custom in os, select the image file you just downloaded, and then select your SD card. Click next and confirm.

Step3: After the image is burned to the SD card, insert the SD card to Raspberry Pi5 and turn on CrowPi. You will see there's a folder name "CrowPi" on the Desktop.

Step4: Run cd Desktop/CrowPi/Examples to enter the course folder , and then run sudo python buzzer.py (or other programs) to run the course code.

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