Micropython Source Code for ESP32 LGVL 7" LCD driver

I downloaded the Micropython files for this product: "CrowPanel 7.0" -HMI ESP32 Display". One of the files is called firmware-7.0-B.bin which I presume is the Micropython runtime with the LGVL library and driver for the display. For my projects, I need to build my own Micropython runtimes, so I need the driver source code. I am guessing the module I need is simply called lcd. Can you either send me the files for this module, or even better point me to a github repo. I just looked and I didn't find anything matching this display.


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    Thanks for the info. I have tried building from that project, but there are errors, and it hasn't been active for over a year. I have two questions:
    1. What steps and versions did you use to build lv-micropython firmware, specifically: esp-idf and lv_micropython? I cloned the lv_micropython project and followed their steps, including setting up esp-idf to v4.4. It fails to build mpy-cross.
    2. Can you provide the exact command parameters required to use esptool.py to flash the provided micropython runtimes? Usually, the parameters for this tool are provided by esp-idf for the specific build created by that tool.


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