7 Inch Display + RTC d3231

im trying to connect this RTC d3231 to my display but its just not being recognized, the RTC Does work with i connect it simply on my arduino mega.
can i get some help or tips here? i urgently need some help with this issue before tomorrow.
Thanks in advance!


  • just that, with many other libs tested.

  • Hello @EndoGraphic
    Please try to connect the IIC device to the board, and then upload this code to scan all IIC devices. If it can be found, it proves that there is no problem with the IIC device and the IIC interface of CrowPanel. It may be a code problem, 4.3-inch, 5-inch and When using IIC devices for 7-inch screens, please note that the IIC interface on the board and the touch function of the board use the same IIC, so in order not to affect the touch function during initialization, please do not use the begin function for initialization. You can directly use the transmission(address) function to communicate directly with the IIC device, but you need to be careful not to occupy it all the time, otherwise it will affect the touch function.

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