New Tutorial Videos for ESP32 HMI is Updated!!!

Hi everyone, I'm glad a new series of tutorial videos for the ESP32 HMI screen has been released.

This series of videos is aimed at beginners, allowing people to understand ESP32 HMI from simple to complex, from hardware to software, from displaying images to building application examples, and teaches you how to play with ESP32 HMI.

Let's start the learning journey!

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  • Lesson 3 image 5-0_4 for screens 4.3 -5.0-7.0 not in SD Card Image Folder

  • Hi @BangingHeadBrickWall ,
    Thanks for your feedback! We will update the files ASAP.

  • Love the videos! I have purchased many of the Elecrow displays for various projects. Can you do a video on how to setup wifi to allow remote uploading of arduino code? It would be great if we could upload sketches without having to plug in the USB cord every time.

  • @dekes1 I'm glad to hear that these videos are helpful to you. I'm sorry that we can't implement the function you requested at the moment.

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