Lora RA-08H Development Board the USB suddenly no longer works

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I experimented with the Lora RA-08H Development Board for a while and it went perfectly but suddenly the USB no longer works.
Windows gives a USB error, same on other computers.
Starting the bootloader via the reset and boot push button works OK.
Is my board broken or can I reload the firmware for the RP2020 to make it work again….
I hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

Sorry we couldn't find the cause of the problem.

Please try re-burning the firmware to see if the problem can be solved:
1. Press and hold the boot button while plugging the USB into the computer
2. If you use arduino, follow this link(https://wiki.elecrow.com/index.php?title=Lora_RA-08H_Development_Board#2._Software_Settings) to burn the firmware
3. If you use thonnyIDE, download the firmware here(https://micropython.org/download/RPI_PICO/) and drag the firmware to the RPI-RP2 USB flash drive. After the rp2040 reboot automatically, open Thonny IDE→click "Tools"→"Options"→"Interpreter", and select the device as "MicroPython(Raspberry Pi Pico)" and the port as "Try to detect port automatically"

If you re-burn the firmware and the board still cannot be recognized by the computer, we will arrange to send you a replacement board.

Great!! The board is OK again.
I used the Arduino method and it works.

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