What if I loose the Mouse Dongle

I just received my Crowpi2 and love it. However, I have learned that the keyboard uses a dongle that comes with the mouse. I found this out by accident by starting to use the Crowpi2 with another mouse. The new mouse that now comes in the basic kit is a bluetooth and charges using a small usb charge head. In booting my Crowpi2 for the first time neither then keyboard or touchpad worked. The next time I used the unit my Crowpi2 mouse had charged so I change out the plugged in dongle. Magically, both the keyboard and touchpad worked. This little factoid is not disclosed in the instructions and is mentioned in only one UTube video.

What happens if the dongle ever gets broken or lost? Can I get a replacement or do I just buy a whole new elecrow mouse? Owning both the Crowpi2 and CrowpiL I will state the newer mouse is a nice improvement.

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