Elecrow 7'' touchscreen: No audio output on RPI5


The 7-inch IPS Touch Screen Display Monitor Module does not have the audio recognized on the Raspberry Pi 5. Works fine on the RPI4. Would you have any solution?


The reason for this issue may be that the screen's EDID data was not correctly read in Raspberry Pi 5.

Method 1: Change a HDMI cable

Method 2:

You can use Pi4 to read the EDID, write it to a file. Then use it on Pi5 by adding the required command into kernel command line.

On a working boot capture the edid. e.g.

$ sudo find /sys/ -name edid
$ sudo cp /sys/devices/platform/axi/axi:gpu/drm/card1/card1-HDMI-A-1/edid /lib/firmware/myedid.dat

then add to cmdline.txt (for Bookworm, the file is at /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt)


Other method:

disabling VNC Server

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