Cannot get programs to load on Letscode

Have recently encountered a problem in that my coded programs that I construct in scratch will not load. The blue box comes up but just sits there. In the past a loading progress bar would come up and fill from left to right. I could then test the program. If I hit the execute button a second time the blue box comes up and the loading progress bar comes up and fills from left to right immediately, as it did in the past. The original blue box still sits there and does nothing. Hitting the close the program button works normally


  • Hello @gilwood ,

    Please send some screenshots to help us find out the solution more easily. Thanks for your assistance.

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    I would be glad to if I knew how to take a screenshot on my Crowpi l. Any help? Thanks.

  • In playing this weekend I found out I had misplugged the 4LED board. When I plugged it in correctly and pressed the execution proceedure button the blue code uploading box came up and the program ran. The loading taskbar slider never came up but the blue code uploading box stayed on, whereas, it had previously gone away after the code was loaded (as indicated by the loading taskbar slider filling from left to right). Now when I mouse over the blue code uploading box the cursor changes to a hand and when clicked the box slides offscreen to the right clearing the python code window.

    The end execution button works properly and stops the program.

    So now knowing these updates I can go back to my Scratch programming lessons. Still would like to know to take screenshots. Thanks

  • Hello @gilwood ,

    You can use the "scrot" installed to take a screenshot.

    Run sudo scrot -s on terminal. Then drag the mouse to capture the screen, and the captured image will still be placed in the/home/pi directory in the form of year month day hour minute second image size_scrot.png.

    Or you can take a picture with your phone.

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