ESP32 HMI Display - Linux - Unable To Build Factory Program

There is a slight overlap with this issue and something I had discovered when working arriving at the end of this forum post:

I was able to successfully build and push the factory program following those updated instructions from a Windows machine, but I failed to arrive at the same success on any Linux machine I had tested on. I wasn't able to decipher what exactly was wrong from the build error logs and I didn't dedicate a lot of time to determine for sure if this could be related to case sensitivity, but I can't help but think that it is related.

My tests were conducted (if this is even relevant) from a Linux VM running Ubuntu Desktop 23.10 and also a Chromebook with the Linux environment. I matched the settings required per the Wiki.

If someone from Elecrow could allocate a little time to setup of a Linux machine (easily done via a VM) and run through the Wiki please let me know what settings are required for a successful build and deploy.

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