Esp32 Display 5 inch and Home Assistant

Hi, I was wondering if someone has HA allready on a 5 inch display?

My display is now laying arround and getting dusty😪


  • Hello @smitti ,

    Because the plug-in in Home Assistant that can write code does not have the display driver and touch driver of our ESP32 RGB screen, we are currently unable to make Home Assistant projects for these screens. We have contacted ESPHome officials to deal with this issue, but there has been no substantial progress yet. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  • Hello,

    I managed to use Esp32 Display 7 inch with Home assistant, using OpenHasp. I compiled a firmware with the parameters shared by DaveDuncanson. By adapting the config for the 5 inch, it should work.

  • edited March 21

    the latest update of ESPHome add the driver:
    Drivers for RGB 16 bit parallel displays esphome#5872 by @clydebarrow (new-integration)

    Will we be able to use your 5 and 7 inchs screens with ESPHome now?

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