How to use jumperless 2 / 3?

Is there a power up sequence and power down sequence we must follow for the Junperless to work at all, or work properly without causing issues withe the test circuit that is plugged into the jumperless? Like, turn off test circuit first, then turn off jumperless, or turn on jumperless, then turn on test circuit? Because I don’t want to “hot start” my test circuit, or cause it to fail if improperly shut down.

What is the proper way to power up and power down with a prototype circuit using the Jumperless Jumperboard?


  • Hey Sun,

    When the Jumperless is unplugged, the resistance of the connections should go up to infinity and the Jumperless should basically act like a regular, non-jumperless breadboard. When you plug it in, it won't make any connections until it gets a command from the computer. So if you already have the bridge app running, it'll take about a quarter of a second to get the first command and start up. The connections are cleared anytime the Jumperless loses power or receives a new set of connections. So I don't think you'll have a problem.

    Here's a general Getting Started guide

    And it would be a good idea to update the firmware, there are some new fixes out.

    If you want to send me the circuit you're thinking may have an issue, I can double check it to make sure there's nothing that will be affected by making all the connections at once.



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