ESP32 display-7.0 Inch - random screen shift/restarts when using Serial + What seria level?


I'm having issues with random screen shifts and or restarts of the device when I implement Serial communication with the Device. Sometimes it happens direct at startup. the screen starts moving to the right. The phenomen happens even when no data is received / on the line. Indipendently the LVGL UI components and the Serial communication are working. When the Serial ist not initialized in the arduino code the UI is working even with fast random value changes for the sliders and arcs. Also a simple Echo test on Serial shows that all data are received normaly. The screen shift also happens with printing to much debug messages. Already tested using different cores and using LVGL Timer for UI and RTOS for Serial communication with protected shared data,

Could there be a damage to my device?

My second question is about the UART voltage on the intrface. Is it 3.3V or 5V for input? if first is it also 5V stable for a direct connection to an arduino for example?


  • Hello, the solution to screen offset is as follows. You need to change the structure configuration to the following parameters:

    Arduino_RPi_DPI_RGBPanel *lcd = new Arduino_RPi_DPI_RGBPanel(


      800 /* width */, 0 /* hsync_polarity */, 40 /* hsync_front_porch */, 30 /* hsync_pulse_width */, 40 /* hsync_back_porch */,

      480 /* height */, 0 /* vsync_polarity */, 1 /* vsync_front_porch */, 30 /* vsync_pulse_width */, 13 /* vsync_back_porch */,

      0 /* pclk_active_neg */, 16000000 /* prefer_speed */, true /* auto_flush */);

    The input voltage of the UART interface is 3.3V.

  • edited November 2023

    Thank you for the information. I will save it for further references.

    Meanwhile I also found a workaround with using the LovyanGFX library with the settings of another thread.

    The random reboots came from a crash after a loop when not finding an expected command or end of transmission byte.

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