Growcube pump not sucking?

It thinks it's empty because there is no water going through but the pump sounds like it is going but no water movement happens.

I had a hose in and it had been working for a while but today I filled the container instead to see if that was it, and it still thinks it's empty.



  • I wonder if it's gunked like my years-ago aquarium pump used to be?

    I see some algae in sections of the input hose - maybe the green got into the impeller?

    Someone from Support or whatev pls comment before I go digging and voiding my warranty lol

  • Hello @pippi ,

    It looks like something got into the water pump and caused it to become clogged. Please send your order number and question edit email to Staff will handle follow-up questions for you.

    In addition, please install a filter at the water inlet of the hose when you use it later to reduce things entering the water pump.

  • ok thanks!

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