New Raspberry Pi OS: Bookworm

Has anyone attempted to run Bookworm on the Crowpi2? I'm running Bullseye x64 on mine without issue, after adding the needed HDMI config to the boot config file. Is anything else needed to make Bookworm work?

Details about the new OS:


  • @SpareSimian Thank you very much for sharing. Our R&D team is verifying the compatibility of crowdpi2 with the new Raspberry Pi system and with Raspberry Pi 5. I will let you know as soon as there are any results.

  • I got Bookworm running on a Crowpi-l. Pi4 8GB with the default Wayland settings.

    I had to add "video=HDMI-A-1:1366x766M@60D" to the front of /boot/cmdline.txt and select 1360X766 resolution on Screen Configuration.

    The battery status program works also.

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