Web site problems

Hi, there are some problems with web site making PCB ordering a torture. The web page cannot be horizontally scrolled, so not all info is visible. SInce I have 1024x768 resolution on my laptop, I was unable to place an order (it was checked with several browsers, the result was always the same). Finally, I was able to place the order using my smartphone, but it was extremely inconvenient. Then the problem with payment appeared. In my smartphone, I've got the message "payment success", but nothing happened. The status of order was "payment pending". Then I tried to reorder using my PC - it was successful by 3rd attempt. However, I cannot delay the first two unpaid orders. Please help. Thank you!


  • Hello @GaLeX ,

    1.Can the entire content be displayed when the page zoom ratio is 100%? What if the page zoom ratio is less than 100%?

    2. What is the order number for placing orders on smartphone?

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