reduce number of PCBs to reduce costs


I ordered a pcb at your company a few weeks ago and received them perfectly. They are pretty big, 32x41cm but I still got 5 pieces. I only need 1 or maybe 2. Will the price go down if I get only one or two pcb's?

I know this is not the case with small pcb's but in this case the pcb's are so big that the cover a large area of the machine.

Thank you.



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    The minimum order quantity for PCB is 5 pieces, so I don’t think you can reduce the quantity anymore.

  • So there is nothing you can change in my order when I send it in? My order is taking up a big portion of the workarea of the machine so it makes sense that using so much less space will make the order cheaper

  • Hello @Tok_Tok ,

    Yes, the MOQ is 5 pcs. You can choose to send only 1-2 pieces to reduce shipping costs.

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