How to install the factory demo firmware with flash download tool?

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1. Preparation:

  • USB C cable
  • Laptop/PC
  • ESP32 Display

Check whether the materials on the PCBA board are defective. Such as less material, false welding, tin and other bad phenomena.

  • Firmware files
  • For ESP32 dispaly:
  • For ESP terminal:
  • Flash download tool

2. Flash the firmware

Step1 Connect the ESP32 display to the laptop/PC with USB-C cable. The power indicator will light up.


Step2 Open the flash download tool.  

For the 2.4’’/2.8’’/3.5’’ ESP32 display, the chip select ESP32:

For the ESP terminal(SPI/RGB) and 4.3’’/5.0’’/7.0’’ ESP32 display, the chip select ESP32-S3:


①Choose the firmware files;

②Enter the address:


  • For the 2.4’’/2.8’’/3.5’’ ESP32 display:






  • For the ESP terminal(SPI/RGB) and 4.3’’/5.0’’/7.0’’ ESP32 display:






③Check the firmware files;

④Select the correct port number;

⑤Click “Start” to download


Step4 Press and hold the boot button, and then press the reset button to go into the flashing mode.

Step5 After the download is complete, blue FINISH will be displayed, and the progress bar at the bottom shows that it has come to an end.


Step6 Press the reset button to show the demo.


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