Wizee-ESP32-s3 wz8048c050 5"

I've tried to get my display to work for about 30 days still nothing but a black screen in the serial consult I do get this

ELF file SHA256: 0000000000000000



Build:Mar 27 2021

rst:0xc (RTC_SW_CPU_RST),boot:0x8 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)

Saved PC:0x40377474


mode:DIO, clock div:1




entry 0x403c98d8

E (255) spi_flash: Detected size(4096k) smaller than the size in the binary image header(8192k). Probe failed.

assert failed: do_core_init startup.c:298 (flash_ret == ESP_OK)

Backtrace:0x4037786a:0x3fceb1800x4037dd15:0x3fceb1a0 0x40383c11:0x3fceb1c0 0x4202855a:0x3fceb2f0 0x403771d5:0x3fceb320 0x403cd6ef:0x3fceb350 0x403cd9ae:0x3fceb380 0x403c992d:0x3fceb4b0 0x40045c01:0x3fceb570 |<-CORRUPTED

But I have no idea what it is I'm new to this I have no idea if I have the right libraries or maybe the right libraries wrong versions no idea

I had some experience with ESPhome but I don't think the display is supported does anyone have the pin out the dc pin and reset


  • Hello @Old_nerd ,

    I'm sorry to hear that you haven't got the ESP32 display to work for 30 days.

    Could you please send us your board setting as the following picture?

    If we confirm that your display is defective, we will arrange a replacement for you.

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