TFT_eSPI Settings for User_Setup - ESP32-S3 RGB 5

Has anyone managed to get the new RGB screens working under TFT_eSPI - Looking for the correct user_setup.h settings for the DIS07050H




  • Just for background I am trying to get Squareline studio ui exports working and the only library I can see supported is TFT_eSPI in squarlines Arduino settings

  • i have been trying to work this out to

  • Hello, the 5-inch display does not require any specific .h file for driving it.

  • Ok then it does not work, if you install squareline and export UI files from any of its examples under arduino and tft_espi (the olny option in the latest version) it compiles and flashes but nothing on the screen.

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    Hello, the 4.3/5/7 inch ESP32 display does not require setting the User_Setup.h file in the TFT_eSPI library. You can through the website view support 4.3/5/7 inch screen drive graphics library.

  • Ok this does not help me and I think we have gone around in circles.

    In am trying to use Squareline Studio, it needs TFT_Espi as its the only library supported under Arduino in squareline's export settings.

    When I export and build and upload with Arduino there is nothing on the screen.

    What are the steps I need to take to get the export from squareline studio working on these screens ?

  • What would be good is a zip with a sample project with squarline ui on arduino configured to work with the 5" display ?

  • I'm sorry I didn't understand you clearly before. We're already working on video tutorials. Please wait patiently. As soon as the tutorial is finished, I will share it here.

  • That would be great, I just can not get this screen working with the ui demo our of Squareline Studio,

  • Hello clint,We have completed the Squareline tutorial, please refer to the website for details. Thank you for your patience and support.

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