Growcube networking mode

I am having trouble connecting my growcube after the 4.0 update. I can connect to it in direct mode but when I try to connect it to my network it says:Network distribution failiure.

I am using 2.4g wifi and i have followed the rest of the instruction video and arranged home assistant. So now I only need to figure this connection out


  • Hello Bonuz,are you in direct mode? Can you tell me more about how you operate? Pictures or demo videos would be great.

  • Hey thanks for the reply!

    Here are some screenshots.

    I am able to connect to the cube in direct mode, but when I try it in network mode it just leaves me with network distribution error.

  • Hi Bonuz,can you take a screenshot of whether the network mode is indicating failure after entering the graph for me? By the way, the new APP will be updated tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. You can also wait to update the APP before trying to connect.

  • I was able to connect my growcubes via networking mode after installing 4.1

    Thank you for your support

  • The Growcube networking mode is a game-changer for collaborative growth! Enabling seamless communication and resource-sharing among users, it transforms individual efforts into a collective force. This innovative feature sparks creativity, fosters teamwork, and cultivates a thriving digital ecosystem. An exciting evolution in virtual collaboration!

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