Elecrow Partner Seller Badges

🎉Congratulations on successfully posting your product on Elecrow! Now is the perfect time to market and promote your product to a global online audience.

Make sure to share your Elecrow product page on various platforms:

💬Social Media(Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,Linkedin)

📰Your Blog

Official Website or Online Shop


Anywhere else


To further enhance your visibility as an official Elecrow partner seller, we have created exclusively ”Sell on Elecrow” badges for you to display. These badges are available in three different sizes:

We have uploaded the original design file of the badge here:

Feel free to download the file and create additional sizes that suit your needs!

By incorporating these badges into your marketing materials, you can showcase your partnership with Elecrow and attract more customers to your product. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stand out among other sellers!

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