⚡ Elecrow ESP32 Terminal Touch Display Series Project Showcase

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Since the Elecrow ESP32 Terminal Touch Display Series was launched, it has been extremely popular, and we are very grateful for everyone's support!

Today we are excited to showcase some projects about the ESP32 terminal screen. These displays are ideal for a wide range of applications, from IoT devices and smart home systems to industrial control systems and more. Now we will highlight some of the most impressive and creative projects:

1️⃣ Prototype A Smart Assistant AC Terminal Assistant with Elecrow LVGL ESP32 Display

2️⃣ Make a MP3 player in 4 Steps_so easy

3️⃣ [DIY Games] Play the King of Fingers on ESP32 Terminal Screen

4️⃣ LVGL DEMO Tutorial: Create a Simple Air Quality Monitoring GUI || ESP32 display

5️⃣ DIY Alexa: Build You Own Smart-Home Voice Assistant with ESP32 Terminal


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