📢 Don't wait any longer, Time To Get Elecrow's clearance sale today!

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📢 Elecrow's clearance sale is a fantastic opportunity to save money, with up to 50% off on selected items, this is the perfect time for Elecrow's clearance sale today!

1️⃣ Programmable relay timer switch (PCB only)

2️⃣ 2 Channels RF Remote Control Module DC 5V

3️⃣ Three Port USB Hub with Ethernet for Raspberry Pi Zero

4️⃣ WS2812 RGB LED Ring

5️⃣ GPRS/GSM + GPS A9G Pudding/SMS/Voice/Wireless Data Transmission + Positioning Module

6️⃣ Crowduino-UNO-ESP8266-V1.1

🔱 Let's check more clearance-sale items 👇

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