GrowCube setup failure on subnet LAN

About the GrowCube setup, when using the subnet at home LAN, the connection from GrowCube to the Wi-Fi is successful, but the app fails to find the cube. This happened on both iOS and Android. Adding another router with a different subnet fixed it. Just wanted to let you know.

I realized the problem when connecting to the Wi-Fi network made by GrowCube, with the IP address It's a tricky bug to spot, but I hope it gets fixed soon.



  • Dear @mokjpn ,

    Thank you for sharing this issue and solution. This is very useful feedback, and we will make sure to communicate it to the technical team so that they can investigate and fix it. If you encounter any other issues or have any other feedback while using GrowCube, please feel free to reach out to us. We appreciate your support and help in improving the product experience of GrowCube.

    Best regards,


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