Resolution on Raspberry Pi 4B

I use the 7 inch Elecrow touch screen on a Picar-X robotic car with a Raspberry Pi 4B at the heart of the car. I use it to help me connect to a guest WiFi system and to then know the IP address that the robot car ended up with. However, the screen (which works perfectly BTW) shows the same content as one of my 24in hi res monitors only shrunk down to 7 inches in size. I have to use a magnifying glass to read it, and it's quite tricky trying to touch on such small controls.

I've done lots of research on how to configure the Pi for different resolutions but can't seem to overcome this problem.

Since the Pi is embedded in the robot car, I can't use the expected connections to the screen so I treat it like a PC: I use a microHDMI to HDMI cable in the HDMI socket on the side, and a USB to microUSB cable to connect one of the Pi's USB ports to the "touch" socket on the side. And this works without installing any kind of drivers or special build of the O/S. Indeed, I don't want to install a special build of the O/S since it has to interact perfectly with the robot car's controller board.

I'm looking to see if anyone has a good tip as to how to get the best most practical resolution on the 7 inch touch screen.

I have tried a few things already but to no avail...

  • Menu / Preferences / Screen Configuration : the changes that I make there seem to make no difference
  • I have tried doing this in raspi-config, but again it seems to make no difference
  • I have tried editing /boot/config.txt and enabling hdmi_safe=1 on the assumption that the Pi will detect the screen's properties and choose an appropriate resolution, but again it makes no difference.

In each of these cases, the display when using VNC seems to be impacted, but the attached ELECROW 7 inch touch screen is just the same. I am impressed that the 7 inch screen can give such a good image with everything being so tiny - good enough that even when using a magnifying glass it looks good, and that it can respond properly to accurately place clicks. And I haven't had any of the issues that other posts have reported. I just need to get an easily readable screen resolution.


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     @SMpiUK Hi, have you tried adding these two sentences in /boot/config.txt ?

    hdmi_cvt 1024 600 60 6 0 0 0

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