Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit 2.1 - Pump throttling


A few weeks ago I bought this kit to water my plants when I'm not home for long periods. Today I primed the system and I noticed that the pump's flow is rather strong for my needs. In particular, I have two small pots (without holes on the bottom, unfortunately) and if any of these were to be watered alone (as I expect to be the majority of the cases), the flow would overshoot the pot rather easily.

Is there any way to limit the pump's flow? From the code, the pump is activated from a digital port as a simple on/off; maybe I could change that to analog and find a cutoff value to activate the pump at lower speed? I also considered choking the necessary outputs, but I am afraid this would damage the pump on the long run, despite being a rather sloppy solution.

Thanks for the support!

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