Advanced Kit Tutorial - Question.

Hi everyone,
I’m currently working through a Raspberry PI Pico kit from Elecrow, details below.
I’ve got as far as Lesson 16 – servos. It’s asking to upload a file from a library to the Pico. I’m having trouble finding the correct file.

Any thoughts?



Page 33 of the project book.

4.Library file installation: When using the servo, need to upload the "" library file first.
The operation steps are as follows:
Step1: Connect the Pico to Thonny with a USB cable;
Step2: Find the "" library in the file window;
Step3: Right-click and select "Upload to / " to start uploading the library file;


  • @WilTryharder
    Hello, at the bottom of the product page, you can click Sample Code to download the program files.

    There is a library folder in lesson16, which contains

    Hope this will be helpful.

    Best regards,
    Elecrow Team
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