growcube in mixed state

How best should I recover from this state?
- GrowCube 1 in the app is displaying the plants from GrowCube2.
- GrowCube2 is not clickable in the menu. But Network reset is clickable, and I was able to successfully do that [and it knew that it was #2 because that was the one that the red/blue flashed on].
- GrowCube2 shows 3.6 firmware and GrowCube1 shows 3.7 firmware -- Attempts to click the 3.6 state that it is latest [obvi not since I can see 3.7 exists]
- My GrowCube1 already-configured plants are not visible in the app, but they are seemingly watering as I hear it go off every so often..

If I reinstall I think all my config will go away so I'd like to confirm how best to resolve this app issue..
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