Growcube and Android

I tried to setup growcube.
It seems it only connects to wifi in network mode when the SSID is broadcasts in 2.4Ghz only. Dial modes, out doesn't appear to work.
And the password must be weak..I tried with some password complexity (not very complex at all) as nd it would fail. Managed to direct connect and then updated the firmware to version3.7
After firmware upgrades I could connect the devices to wifi network but still only off password is weak.

I'm unclear how another person on the same network can be added to the app? Is this possible? I'm sure I read assume documentation somewhere on this... I am running Android 13 build TQ1A.230105.001

Can anyone assist?


  • Just to reply to me my own post.. The password complexity issue with joining the growcube to Wifi has been resolved with the update. And I've since been advised the app does not support multiple users to manage the device.
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