Screen layout modified

As I saved in .config/autostart folder a "laptop-battery" file, I possibly made a mistake with two consequences:
1. the laptop-battery file does not execute automatically when I start my CrowPi;
2. more annoying, the bottom line showing icons of usual programs, like browser, file manager, terminal,... has disappeared. How can I get back this bottom line of icons?


  • Hello Pierre,
    1. When you create a. desktop file, please remember to add the suffix ". desktop".
    Then right-click the file and enter the required code in the file as text editor.

    2. Please click run in the main menu, enter "Plank", and then click ok.
    If it has been opened, right-click in the gap of the icons to open the settings of the plan itself. And click preferences and set the theme to mcOS. Set hide dock to window dodge in behavior.
  • Thanks Wintchan. OK for 1. I have now my battery icon working. About the 2. my Crowpi-L is now out of reach in a far away location, I'll do next time I can.
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