dual growcubes swapped plants and now one unreachable

I have been using 2 growcubes for a bit now..
I can usually just click the name in the app and get prompted to switch to #1 or #2.. now when I click on #2 it doesn't ask me.. also, I clicked #2's firmware update to see if that would do anything.. and it updated #1?!?!?
and now all my #2 plants are listed in my #1??

what the heck happened?
I would like to resolve this by troubleshooting, not un/reinstall since I am currently remote.
Can I toss a config file into a hex editor or something?

Also, I hope that the watering gets handled properly notwithstanding this bug because I have TWO growcubes with different settings on each plant -- if it starts watering based on what it thinks is #1, and it goes to #2 that would be potentially catastrophic for the plants....


  • wait, if it can't find Net, does it stop watering? Or does it keep in memory what it is supposed to be doing?
  • Hi, the cause of the problem may be that when you click #2, the software is not connected to device #2,
    but is still connected to device #1.
    1. Please check whether the firmware of both devices has been upgraded.

    2. Under normal circumstances, the upgrade will not change the watering settings, but since your plants in device #2 have moved to device #1, please try to manually water all plants in device #1 to see if the soil moisture will change.

    3. Don't worry, please try to reset the network for both devices.

  • Yeah, the issue is I am not physically there.. so the 'reset network' is impossible..
    Also, somehow the net dropped for #1 and now it's just all disconnected so I can't see anything.
    In the app, #2 shows as 3.6 and #1 shows as 3.7 but I cannot click #2 in the list to prompt me either.
    Note: this all just happened by itself -- I only attempted to firmware upgrade once things broke -- I didn't want to try something while I'm not physically there in case something broke, but alas it broke anyway...
  • OK so, since I can see all my plants dying on cam, I recognize that the growcube does NOT keep its own details about the plants it is watering without some network connection.
    Honestly this is not sufficient and I recognize that you don't guarantee all the plants you kill but I want to send these POS back and you cover the shipping back to China
  • @pippi Thanks for the information. Please send your order number and requirement to order@elecrow.com and info@elecrow.com, there will be a specialist to handle your problems.
  • ok thanks..
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