GrowCube keeps locking - abnormal after I modify the settings??

I haven't had automatic watering happen yet for my 4 plants that I have set up but it has been monitoring mostly ok.. Today I changed the low percent for one of my plants that looked dry and I wanted to have auto-watering kick in.. it went for a few times I think, but later when I looked, the red light was on and the app said it was locked for 'abnormality'...
I unplugged as it said and replugged but same 'abnormality' message never cleared.

Pulling power cleared it...

Then, I decided later to change the percent on another plant.. and it ran properly for a bit.. and then choked!! Why does it keep locking??
I am trying to get this working so I can go on vaca but really am noticing much problems with how I expect it to function..


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    1. Please press the button to unlock the device

    2. Please allow me to explain the judgment logic of sensor abnormality: humidity change is less than 3% after three times of watering.

    If GrowCube's sensor is not working properly, please try the following solutions:
    • Change another sensor

    • Connect the problematic sensor to another sensor interface

    • Check whether the sensor can still measure humidity normally:
      Dry the sensor to see if the humidity value is 0%, and directly insert the sensor into the water to see if the humidity value is above 90%

    • Make sure that the sensor interface on the GrowCube and the connector of the sensor section are clean

    • Check whether the firmware version is the latest, if not, please upgrade to the latest version

    • Check whether the sensor is placed far away from the water outlet.
      If the sensor does not detect the soil moisture value, it will cause the APP to prompt the sensor to be abnormal.
      The position of the sensor needs to be close to the position of the water outlet so that the sensor can detect the change in soil moisture value.

    • Check whether the soil is artificial soil which cannot maintain the humidity value.
      For example, if you find that the humidity quickly drops below the minimum value you set after watering, it means that the soil is not suitable for our Sensors, such soils are artificially synthesized, generally loose and porous.

    • Check whether the water outlet and the sensor correspond one by one. If not, it is very easy to cause sensor abnormalities (the water outlet is watered in other places, while the corresponding sensor is not watered).
  • so, that's for sure the issue.. it's a LARGE pot so when it waters it needs to water enough to even touch the sensor and the auto-watering is just a second of watering - can I make it more?
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    I'm sorry that the water output cannot be adjusted under the smart watering mode. You can set it to the regular watering mode, and set watering time longer.

    Or if you have idle sensors and water outlets, you can insert multiple sensors and water pipes into a pot of plants.
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