growcube - transfer app info?

Just got my growCube and am coming across some things:
- in "network mode" I can connect to the growCube but ONLY when I am on the same WiFi -- this is not useful for me since I got this to handle plant things while I am away.
- I will be setting up a new phone to remain at home and connect to a Win10 box that can remote into it as a super klunky workaround -- is there any way that I can back up my already entered and configured info on one phone so I can easily NOT have to re-enter on the other one?


  • @pippi
    -We are sorry that the current version of software cannot meet your requirements. We realize that remote monitoring and control of plantwatering is more "smart". We will consider adding this function in future versions.
    -If you gonna use a new device to connect, you need to go to the whole setup process again. Sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
  • thanks for the info..
    it would be less time consuming if any of my plants were in the database -- when I reloaded I just clicked the first plant and I can rename and adjust after within the app once I have the 4 plants in..

    For anyone else trying to do this, my successful setup (with an older android phone -- with a newer phone I could use Win10 and just screen-stream the app -- but still couldn't be fully 'unattended') was using RemotePC (or you could use TeamViewer) to get to the desktop, and VNC viewer on the desktop, and DroidVNC-NG on the Android.
    One other thing I added to the mix was a Navigation Bar app for my S5 Active --of which the 'Active' series of Samsung phones only had 3 hardware buttons at the bottom so I couldn't click Home/etc. remotely without it..
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